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We build environments that are innovative and express the profiles of our clients.


About Us

TDI Contracting and Design delivers Renovation and Interior Design Services to Residential and Commercial markets. 

We offer design services, general contracting, construction and project management including various customized carpentry projects. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to take projects from Concept to Completion. From scheduling and coordinating trades, building inspection, site management, to meeting deadlines by working with experienced and qualified contractors. We pride ourselves in superior quality and craftsmanship. 

It takes a strong team to build a quality project portfolio. Our investment in longterm relationships with all of our construction partners, our commitment to planning, project management and strong field supervision is critical to making our projects successful. 

With over 20 years experience we pride ourselves in excellent customer relations. We stand behind our service with a dependable and reliable team, always striving for excellence by working on longterm relationships. Opportunities arise from the name that we have built for ourselves in the industry.



     We deliver what we promise.  We have earned our integrity in the industry by following through with what we promise. Our quality and workmanship speaks for itself and we stand behind our work. 

     We communicate openly.  We have built honest relationships with our customers by communicating every aspect of our projects openly and effectively. Excellence in leadership and project management places value in customer retention and long-term relationships. 

     We work as partners to achieve common goals.  We work as a team to establish consistent values of respect, trust and confidence. Through good communication and teamwork we have the ability to identify critical issues and work through them with the most effective solutions.


     Our projects come alive through innovation. We design, renovate and develop projects through innovative techniques and knowledge. 

     We are expressive in our style and creative in our engineering. We build environments that are well designed and express the profiles of the clients that we serve.


     We deliver construction expertise, proficient service and excellent design capabilities.  We have the knowledge to take projects from Concept to Completion. As a professional, reliable and experienced company we are capable of analyzing each aspect of the project, create immediate solutions and make effective decisions to act on them. 

     Challenge is opportunity at our doorstep.  Every client and project is unique, each with their own opportunities and challenges. We address each challenge as opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through every step of our projects. We ensure the most effective solutions with our team of experts.

    Opportunities come from all different directions.  With the name that we have built for ourselves in the industry, our customers depend on our services to support their construction and design needs.


To build environments that are innovative and express the profiles of the clients that we serve. 


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